Arsenal lead by 5 points with 4-0 Everton

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Arsenal lead by 5 points with 4-0 Everton


Arsenal played Everton at home in the 7th round of the Premier League play-offs. Martinelli scored twice, Saka scored with a cross and Erdogan broke through to give Arsenal a 4-0 win over Everton, who continue to lead the league after three consecutive wins, five points ahead of Manchester City.Arsenal jersey 2023

Relying on the combined goals of Saka, Martinelli and Udegoh, Arsenal completed a 4-0 grand slam at home and succeeded against Everton after 26 days. The victory took Arsenal's tally to 60 points. While continuing to finish first, they lost five points to champions Manchester City.

In the last encounter, Everton were able to blow a cold lead, relying on new manager Dyche's tactics, injecting Saka and Martinelli on the Gunners' wings so Arsenal did not pose a threat overall, and now that they met again, Dyche was still following the same tactics that had proved effective in the past, but this time it was clearly Arteta who was prepared, with two defenders stepping up to share the burden of Saka and Martinelli. The defensive pressure was high and the duo posed a serious threat to Arsenal on the field.

The Everton defence continued to provide plenty of resistance for Arsenal in the opening minutes. It was not until the 40th minute that the Gunners broke through to score. After pressing Zinchenko in front of the opponent's box, it forced Everton into a draw. He stopped all concentrated defending before passing the ball inside the box to Saka, who broke the deadlock with a bomb of a shot. Earlier, after Saka had finished off a steal from the field, Martinelli pushed a shot into play to extend the lead to two goals.Martinelli jersey

At the start of the second half, Everton, who were clearly behind in the score, launched an attack to try and reduce the deficit. This also gave Arsenal more space to attack. In the 71st minute, Trossard scored in the bottom turn triangle and followed up in the middle. Zinchenko assisted again in the 80th minute. Nketiah crossed the ball and Martinelli pushed it home to make it 4-0!

With the win, Arsenal extended their lead to five points in the same match against Manchester City. No doubt, this was a big deal for the Gunners. Manchester City lost in the second round. They will retain the top spot, while Arsenal will once again be favourites to win the title. We'll see if they can retain the top spot this time and win the Premier League trophy as they wish!